Cinemagraphs are a magical new visual medium that blends the best of video and photography to create mesmerizing "living photos".

Cinemagraphs capture and hold our attention in ways that still images no longer can.  Therefore can be a better way to create engagement across all platforms.

Cinemagraphs are like a magic trick. A way to make people stop and look again. At first we think its a photo, but then you catch something moving and you cant help but look back.

The combination of static and motion make cinemagraphs an extremely effective tool for digital marketing.

Cinemagraphs are amazing for social media, websites, digital displays etc. and are proven to have incredible results and are in use by top brands all over the world.

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My name is Kabir and I'm a professional photographer and cineamagraph maker. I started taking cinemagraphs as an add on while I was on shoots and little by little, the demand became obvious.

I love playing with time and making images that  make you stop as you try to figure out whats real and what can't be. Its such a different way of looking at the world and it also allows me to bring photography and video in a way that is simple and mesmerizing.

I am now represented by Gallereplay in Germany and The Cinemagraph store in the US.

Here is my photography website

Brands and people that have trusted me:

McKinsey & Company



AcroYoga International

Oxnard Fire Academy

Painted Cave Fire Department

Rebel Soul Collective



Paraglide magazine

Eagle Paragliding

USHPA magazine

Sarasota Orchestra

Devil Dog Consulting

Divine Play Festival

Laurel Springs Retreats

The Bridge to Recovery

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